Thursday, 17 January 2019

What Everyone Gets Wrong About CBD Oil –

Because of its close relationship with marijuana, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD. But as with many stigmas, like those related to mental health issues or addiction, CBD’s stigma stems from misinformation or a lack of knowledge about the real complexities of an issue. Sadly, trying to educate yourself on CBD can leave you totally confused and reading a lot of conflicting information. For example, one website will claim that CBD is the ultimate insomnia cure, while another says that it’s an all-natural energy stimulant that can keep you up at night. One article will tell you that CBD is absorbed through the skin, and the next will say that can’t possibly be true. These different pieces of information are hard to put together into one cohesive understanding—or even any kind of understanding at all.

Sometimes when a topic is complex or overwhelming, it’s easier to start with what you know is wrong before you turn to facts that you think might be true. It’s kind of like changing careers: Making a list of jobs you know you don’t want feels a lot less daunting than making a list of those you do. With that in mind, here are 10 major misconceptions about CBD:


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