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Marijuana-infused products – Fenton Tri County Times

 Smoking marijuana isn’t the only way to ingest the product. With Michigan residents voting to legalize recreational marijuana in November, they’re going to see more and more marijuana products on future store shelves and online.

 Gummies. Chocolate. Beer. Sparkling water. All of these products can be made with marijuana.

 The products with a high amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cause the “high,” while other products contain a small amount of THC but contain more cannabidiol (CBD) for medicinal purposes. They should be packaged with clear language that tells the potential buyer how much THC and/or CBD is in the item.

 Many of the companies mentioned below don’t deliver to Michigan, but the Great Lakes State could begin to see similar companies gaining traction.

 Baked Bros makes sour Kush Kids, which won the Best Product award at 2014’s Cannabis Cup. The total amount of THC in their bags of gummies ranges from 80 mg of THC to 300 mg. The packaging clearly states the ingredients, number of servings and flavor of gummy.

 LOL Edibles is a company that makes cereals called Frooty Loops and Cap’n Munch, as well as Cheeto-like snacks.

 It could be argued that the marijuana-infused business began with chocolates and brownies, and these products aren’t going away.

 Kiva is a popular marijuana-infused chocolate seller that also markets their mints and chocolate drops. On their packaging for a bar of dark chocolate, it states the candy is medical cannabis, contains 120 mg of CBD and 120 mg of THC. It should be kept away from children.

Savory options

 Kush Nuts sells marijuana-infused cashews, almonds and more, seasoned with rosemary, olive oil, garlic and other spices. Self-described as medical cannabis, these products come with THC levels ranging from 45 to 180 mg.

Beer and other beverages

 A few places in marijuana-friendly states are infusing marijuana in beer and cocktails. The creator of Blue Moon is developing cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beer in Colorado, where a few dispensaries already sell cannabis cola and fruit punch. Some coffee shops in New York sell cannabis coffees.

 Marijuana-infused sparkling water is also on the market. Keef sells flavors in cola, orange soda, blue razz and root beer, spiked with THC.

Skin care and pain relief

 Some marijuana-infused products can be purchased with a medical marijuana card to help an individual with pain relief or other ailments. Whoopi Goldberg and OM Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth created Whoopi & Maya, which is a cannabis brand of lotions and ointments that can help alleviate menstrual pain.

 Other companies are starting to target suburban women with their marijuana-infused skin care products. According to, some research shows that CBD might be able to help fight acne. This includes balms, lotions, bath bombs and salts, and more.

 Sephora now sells beauty products containing CBD, like the KUSH High Volume Mascara.


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