Thursday, 17 January 2019

If cannabis has no curative powers, then why does U.S. hold a patent on it? – Merced Sun-Star

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What is America waiting for? I watched a cannabis documentary, “Growing Promise,” on Dateline, which interviewed several families. It saddened me to see their children suffering from epilepsy. The fact that all who were interviewed had to purchase CBD oils because even medicines made from cannabis are listed as Schedule 1 drugs. Throughout the hour-long segment the parents gave doses of CBD during children’s seizures and immediately they stopped.

People with chronic pain praise this miracle medicine. It helps the pain within seconds to minutes, often replacing the need for opioids. Leading scientists agree the benefits of cannabis in various forms is working.

Now here’s a fact that’s been tucked away. The United States holds a patent on cannabis, stating it has medicinal benefits. Hiding this news shows the greed, corruption and lies in our government.

Greg McLaughlin, Merced


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