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How To Cope With Rheumatoid Arthritis – The Frisky

In the times we are living in we seem to forget about our health and don’t actually leave enough time for ourselves. And this can in terms lead to multiple health conditions – and one that can be in correlation is rheumatoid arthritis. It is one of the most persisting conditions out there that can be quite painful, and hard to cope with.

There are multiple things that can affect your chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis. First of all, studies suggest that your genes have quite an effect and if few members in your family had it chances are you will as well. Along with that, apparently women have a greater risk of developing it for one particular reason, and that is – hormones. It seems that estrogen can have an effect on your cartilage and joints, but it is still not 100% proven.  And last but not least bad habits such as smoking may weaken the joints and cartilage, causing stress and at the end arthritic pain.

Saying this, there are things you can do to prevent it, but if you are already suffering from one than you need to work on coping with the same. Let’s take a look at few tips on how to cope with rheumatoid arthritis!

Tips On How To Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. First and foremost, you should always be honest with yourself and the doctor. In case you are in more pain than he thinks – tell him. A doctor will be prescribing you pain medicine it will be good that you get the medication that will actually help you, and not only cause negative side effects. Thus, always update your doctor on changes and pain level so he can know what to prescribe.


  1. Along with that, try to stay away from the stress. Stress is a major cause of multiple conditions in the first place, and it can only worsen your arthritis in the long term.
  2. Eat well. Many people forget the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet in order to keep their joints and bones in good shape. Thus, you should be cutting out on greasy and sugary foods as well as too much coffee and caffeinated teas (tannins can weaken the bones). On the other hand boost your diet with different vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, meat as well as calcium-rich products such as (nuts, dairy, etc.).


  1. Along with that, go and invest yourself in heat and cold massage. Putting an ice pack and then warming up the joint few minutes later will improve the circulation, and this can give you temporary relief.
  2. Also always have in mind the importance of exercise and working out on a daily basis. Yoga and stretching will be the best for your joints and bones. This will increase your bone density and give you good relief after. Of course, the hormones released after the exercise will improve your mood as well.


  1. Last but not least is the CBD Oil. Certain studies and doctors claim that applying and ingesting CBD Oil can help relieve pain and even cure arthritis in the long term. It has been legalized for medical use in multiple countries all over the globe and is now one of the biggest debate points. Though this isn’t 100% proven, it is good to know that a natural think might work as an aid and if you want to go ahead and try it out. Honestly, you got nothing to lose.



Yes, rheumatoid arthritis is an annoying and persistent condition, but it isn’t something you can’t live with. If you start living applying health habits and not stressing over everything out there soon after you will see improvements and the pain will be so mild that you will not even notice it!


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