Monday, 21 January 2019

CBD Store Offers Alternative Halloween Treats for Adults

CABOT, Ark. — While the kids are hopped up on candy some adults are enjoying a more mellow side of Halloween.¬†

The first cannabidiol or CBD store in central Arkansas offered some of its own trick or treating with a taste of some of its products. 

Different ailments bring a range of people into The CBD store in Cabot. 

Maybe stress from what goes bump in the night…¬†

“For anxiety which I have a lot of,” one customer said.¬†

Or what creaks in your body…¬†

“Little bit of pain, in my back,” another client said.¬†

Owner Mary Hearnes say what keeps most people out of the shop however, is the scary stigma. 

“They hear about it, but they don’t know about it,” Hearnes said.¬†

This Halloween she’s made her “haunted house” more appealing by offering an alternative treat.¬†

“It’s really good for anxiety, it’s good for pet anxiety, it’s good for soreness, it’s good for people having difficulty sleeping,” Hearnes said.¬†

These treats will need to stay out of your kids baskets though, and you must be 18 to buy them. 

“We don’t recommend that and obviously don’t sell it,” she said.¬†

Just so you know, your kids’ candy is safe too.¬†

¬†“The THC is what gives you the munchies, not the CBD,” Hearnes said.¬†

At this time there has not been any research to suggest you can overdose on CBD products. 

To learn more about CBD and how it could help you, click here. 


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