Monday, 21 January 2019

Branson Asst. Police Chief Speaks Out About Medical Marijuana

BRANSON, Mo. — Just ahead of Tuesday’s big election, a high ranking member of law enforcement in Branson is speaking out about medical marijuana. 

Branson’s Assistant Police Chief Eric Schmitt, spent almost three decades in Colorado as a police officer. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana back in 2012.

Chief Schmitt believes when it comes to medical marijuana, the voters are being misled. However, he wants everyone to know, he is not against medical marijuana. 

“I totally support that there are medicinal benefits that come from it,” said Chief Schmitt.

What troubles him is when medical marijuana passed in Colorado, it did so as a state constitutional amendment — making it very difficult for the state to set regulations.

“The playbook is to just pull the wool over the eyes of the voters and get the sympathy vote that oh..we need medicinal, Chief Schmitt said, “So, we need marijuana for medicinal, cause that’s the only thing that can help some of these people. That’s a lie in and of itself.”

As a result, the Chief has put together an extensive presentation to show how crime, auto accidents and other problems increased in Colorado after the state legalized medical marijuana.

“Homelessness went through the roof out there. You can pull up google and 9 news just did a report out there about 5 months ago about how many incarcerated people came to Colorado for the weed industry,” said the Chief, “You talk to any cop in Colorado, they’re going to tell you exactly what I did. It has made the job a nightmare. It’s one of the reasons I was so happy to leave Colorado with my family.”

He says what’s being grown is more about getting high, than getting healthy.

“THC is the other component of marijuana that does have a medical benefit –and that medical benefit is the pain management. However, THC is also what gets you high,” Schmitt said, “Already, we have CBD Oil available. You can go right down the street and buy the CBD Oil. That’s the one that has the most potential and the best benefits that I have seen in my experience out there.”

“It’s actually very scary to me, to know that it’s now following the same playbook in Missouri that the proponents followed in Colorado,” said Chief Schmitt.

The Assistant Chief also talked about the problems with medical marijuana edibles. He says because they’re ingested, it takes longer to feel the effects and people think it’s not working. So, they tend to eat more and more, increasing the risk of becoming impaired.


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